“Flavay® and Flavay Plus® have worked for my rheumatoid arthritis. After two months of taking both, my swelling and pain are gone.”
—Ms. Pat W.

“I had terrible pain in my hip and leg for years because of arthritis. It was so bad that I could hardly walk and I could never sleep on the side that hurt. After two weeks of being on Flavay® and Flavay Plus®, like a miracle, my pain is completely gone.
—Ms. Miriam M.

“I have become so free of arthritic pain that I’ve taken up playing the guitar! I’ve played a lot today, maybe 4 hours, and as I put away the guitar tonight it occurred to me that without Flavay® I would never be able to do what I've done today.

“My knuckles have shrunk back to normal so I can wear my rings again. Thank you so much for Flavay® and Flavay Plus®! ”
—Ms. C. S.

“I took double my usual number of Flavay® and Flavay Plus® capsules during the cold winter snap and my arthritis was much better for it!”
—Ms. A. I.

“Flavay® and Flavay Plus® relieved my pain and inflammation caused by lyme disease. When I stopped for a month the pain and stiffness returned up to 75 percent. Since I no longer take prescription drugs for pain I experience the added benefit of regularity. I’m not sure why it works, but it does!”
—Ms. Pat C.

“I stopped taking Flavay® two years ago but want to start taking it again. I had never been able to perform an athletic squat position because of an inherent inflammation condition, but once I started taking Flavay® I could do the squat, and have been able to perform it ever since, even after I stopped taking Flavay®. This continues to impress me. I need to start taking Flavay® again.”
—Ms. A. C.

“My elderly mother in China is very frail and was unable to walk due to arthritis pain. I sent Flavay® to her and asked her to try it. After taking 4 Flavay® capsules a day for six months, she is feeling so much better that she is able to walk again! We now hope that all her pain will disappear in time.”
—Ms. M.

“I've been suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome in both of my wrists for over three years. I also have two active preschoolers, whom I adore, so having carpal tunnel has been really, really painful. My doctor recommended surgery for my wrists but I decided to listen to my brother who suggested that I first try Flavay® and Flavay Plus®. After taking three of each every day for over two months, I no longer have any pain! I can hardly believe it! My kids are happier and so am I because I'm able to take care of them without pain! Thank you so much!”
—Ms. A. S.

“I decorate cakes with carpal tunnel syndrome and taking Flavay® really does help!”
—Ms. Nancy J.

“It’s like my allergies have completely disappeared since I have been taking Flavay® and Flavay Plus®.”
—Ms. Linda M.

“I have seen wonderful improvement in my sinuses since taking Flavay®. I’ve tried all kinds of nutrients but they didn’t do what Flavay® is doing for me. I had thought I’d have to live with painful sinusitis for the rest of his life because I’d gotten no help, so now I am tremendously relieved to see my symptoms subside.”
—Mr. Lee J.

“I have been under the care of several doctors, led by a pulmonologist for over two years now for bronchitis, bacterial lung infection. There have been 13 treatments with antibiotics, prednisone and other antiinflammatories. More than seven different cultures of bacteria have been identified. Each antibiotic treatment eliminated the culture present only to have another culture show up within a few days to two or three weeks.

“Sinus doctors, infectious disease specialists and others have been called in, all to no avail. I discovered Flavay® and began its use about five days after the last treatment with antibiotics in February. I have been on Flavay® for about four months now and the bacteria HAVE NOT RETURNED!! What Western medical science could not do, Flavay has accomplished. I am free of lung infection for the first time in years! (Apparantly, the sinuses have been impacted for much longer than that.) Thank you Flavay®! There have other health improvements as well, but my bronchial issue is the life changer.”
—Mr. Bill F.

“I (81-years-old) began taking Flavay® five days ago for back pain. I have a sinus condition that I have lived with for many years. My nose blocks at night, causing difficult breathing. At first I thought it must just be in my head, but once I started taking Flavay®, I experienced easier breathing during the night. So, three nights ago I stopped taking the med that was supposed to ease my air passageways at night. I don't need the med anymore!”
—Mr. M. M.

“I purchased Flavay® for my mother with advanced retinopathy. After taking Flavay® her doctor was totally taken aback by what he found, her vision test had improved by 3 lines. We give thanks to the Lord for making this product available.”
—Ms. Judy E.

“Flavay® has so dramatically improved my vision that my son has arranged for me to have a new puppy! I'm a dog lover but when my dog died seven years ago I wouldn't have a new one because I couldn't see well enough to take care of it.”
—Ms. Daisy B.

“After taking Flavay® and Flavay Plus® [for about four months] my vision is more clear, so much so that I can drive a car and even read a newspaper. Macular degeneration may have etched areas of my retina and I still have to move my eyes around to find spots where I can see the best—but even that has improved a little. I can hardly believe my improvement. I’m astounded that something so simple, strengthening the capillaries in the eyes, has meant so much improvement.
—retired medical doctor

“Flavay® saved my mother's toes! The doctors were going to amputate her toes due to diabetes and now they are not, thanks to Flavay!”
—Ms. Jerry C.

“I was skeptical but desperate when I first ordered Flavay® for my diabetic retinopathy. In less than one month the Flavay® has produced a dramatic improvement in my condition. My eyes clear as soon as I take my morning dose. I am a doctor of pharmacy and had never heard of your product but you bet I will spread the word... Thank you for saving my vision. The laser surgery just made it worse and my doctor had all but given up so I searched the web for a remedy and found your product. Flavay® is remarkable!”
—Dr. H. H.

“I’m in my 80s and I’ve been taking 4 Flavay® every day for about 3 years now. I started taking Flavay® for glaucoma pain, but I no longer have any pain and I no longer need or take any glaucoma medication. In fact, according to my most recent ophthalmologist's visit, I no longer have any symptoms of glaucoma!

“Flavay® also substantially reduces edema in my legs. Also, I feel more endurance throughout the day.”
—Ms. Sophie G.

“Of all the supplements I take, and I take a slew of them, Flavay® is the best. (I'm 81 years old!)”
—Ms. Anna C.

“I work on my feet all day, lifting heavy loads, and I developed severe edema so that I could hardly walk. Neither my doctor nor my chiropractor have been able to do anything to help. I was almost ready to go on disability, and I was growing paranoid over it because I am 63 and need to work for two more years to retirement. One painful night in desperation I got online and searched for relief from edema. I found Flavay® and ordered some. I have now taken 3 capsules a day for about a month and there is no more edema. I got reborn! I gave a brochure to my doctor. I wish more people knew about this.”
—Mr. Don P.

“I tried Flavay® several months ago and had great success with it for some leg swelling that I deal with and have just placed another order.”
—Ms. Nancy D.

“We are a middle-aged couple and we both have ADD and anxiety issues. We are both taking Flavay® and Flavay Plus® and began feeling better during the first week. Together we are slowly getting off of Zoloft. We are extremely pleased with Flavay® and Flavay Plus®.”
—Mr. and Ms. P.

“I’m 26 and have a severe case of ADHD, and just recently started taking Flavay Plus®. From the first week I was taking three to four pills per day, and feeling the results quite rapidly...I'm thrilled with the results I'm getting with Flavay Plus®.”
—Ms. T.A.

“I have to tell you this story. I have a child who is 8 years old and was doing terrible in school. The teachers felt he had borderline ADHD or ADD but rather than have him medicated I thought I would try other things. He has been taking Flavay® and Flavay Plus® for seven months and he is now second in his reading class and all of his grades are A’s and B’s! These products help him focus and stay on task. I tell every parent I know.”
—Mr. David S.

“I remember Sophie reading a map and planning our itinerary at a theme park the day after she started taking Flavay Plus®—that’s something she never would have done before! And my friend Mary said her daughter spoke up in class for the first time the day after she started, and I know the day I started I nearly burned up the computer—I was whizzing along so easily!... I’m just so pleased to have found Flavay Plus®! I just got my daughter's grades for the mid trimester. Wow! what a change. I just can't believe it! She's so happy we're now going out to buy her a gift to celebrate!”
—Ms. Denise G.

“I am ‘Mary’ referred in Denise’s testimonial on your web site [above]. I had been hesitant to contact you, until I could see the result of Flavay® over 3 months, instead of just the initial weeks. I am so impressed with your product... One of my girls is ADHD. She was very tough for everyone to handle. School was her least favorite place. She had no friends. We read books and articles on the subject, and had already started her on some B vitamins which seemed to help a little. Then Denise told me about your product and in talking to her daughter on the phone I saw she was so positive and had so much energy at the end of the day, I knew there must be something good about your product.

“My daughter’s attitude and her grades since she has been on Flavay Plus® turned around 180°. Instead of being negative, aggressive and somewhat of a cry baby, she is now a positive, smiling, and extremely bright girl with many friends. I can never thank your company enough for our entire family’s happiness. She starts everyday with Flavay Plus®... She knows, as we all do, how much better she is since starting on Flavay Plus®. She would never miss a day without it.

“Thank you for making such a magnificent product... What a relief for parents! ...I wish everyone in your company a very Merry Christmas. You have made ours wonderful!”
—Ms. Mary B.

“My son was born with a cleft palate and learning disabilities. I am no believer in nutrients but Flavay Plus® is helping my son to calm down and stay on task. I recently ran out and my son told me that not taking Flavay Plus® makes me act crazy, so I know he can tell the difference.”
—Ms. Ellen W.

“My teenage bipolar daughter is doing very well on Flavay Plus®. Now I want to keep her [smile]! Recently, she was dancing in the kitchen with her boyfriend. This girl is never at ease like that, so I asked, Who is this person in my kitchen?!
—Ms. Lugene M.

“I have two children who are bipolar and unable to work, but after three months of taking Flavay® and Flavay Plus® they are back on their feet, they are working again and making arrangements to move out again. Thank you so much for having made this product available!”
—Mr. Jerry H.

“I have two boys who suffer from ADHD. Since I began giving them Flavay® and Flavay Plus® my 13–year–old doesn’t have anger outbursts and he is more himself again. My 11–year–old still has ups and downs but on the ups he is clearer and more focused.”
—Ms. Wendy S.

“Flavay® and Flavay Plus® are helping our grandson with ADD. Three cheers for Flavay®.”
—Mr. Ken P.

“My psychologist husband has told me that the difference in my behavior and focus is huge since taking Flavay® and Flavay Plus®. I am definitely ADD, but was never diagnosed as a child. He is amazed at the changes in me, as am I.”
—Ms. Danielle S.

“Yesterday, I talked my brother into taking Flavay Plus® because he's got ADD big time, he's 60-years-old. He was skeptical and thought nothing would come of it, in spite of the good things Flavay Plus® is doing for so many in our family. Our sister and I talked him into taking two Flavay Plus® capsules. We noticed he got everything done that day, and there was a lot to do, because I had to catch an airplane and so forth. We could hardly believe how much he did for us. He didn't make comment. After taking Flavay Plus® capsules he was a whiz. By contrast, the following day (he didn't take Flavay Plus®) he spent the whole day looking for his keys. So, I'm sending to him a bottle for his birthday.”
—Ms. Denise G.

“Flavay Plus® is helping my ADD--but is helping my vision as well. That was weird! My vision has improved.”
—Ms. Rosanna V.

“My son, 10, was having reading problems. Flavay Plus® turned him around right away. You know, those drugs that the doctors are giving to children don't even work, and this does. More people need to know about it.”
—Mr. S. M.

“My son is taking 2 Flavay® and 3 Flavay Plus® capsules every day for bipolar, ADD and OCD obsessive/compulsive symptoms, with good success. If he misses a day you can sure tell the difference, and that tells you that this is making a big difference for him.”
—Ms. L. M.

“I used to wake up in the morning and want to stay in bed and go back to sleep, but now I pop up and get dressed every morning. I’m 93 years old and take 4 Flavay® and 4 Flavay Plus® daily.”
—Ms. Y. K.

“I am thrilled with Flavay Plus®, it has done so much for my daughter. Thank you so much.”
—Ms. M.C.

“My story starts 2-1/2 years ago, when I had colon cancer surgery and somehow the doctor sewed me up wrong so that I started hemorrhaging, with life-threatening blood clots, and no bowel control. The doctor operated on me again and saved my life. While still in the hospital, another doctor came in and talked with me. He said he had suffered the same colon problem and that he had taken Flavay® with good success...Only last month, with a long and slow recovery still in progress, I ordered Flavay® and Flavay Plus®.

“After one month of taking Flavay® and Flavay Plus® I feel really good. I feel younger, like I used to feel 5 years ago, so that I want to start a business, and other things like that. My wife says I even look different, that I look like I did 5 years ago. And the trouble I had before due to the colon is also getting better now.”
—Mr. R. K.

“I want to thank you for your excellent service and your amazing Flavay.® I started taking Flavay® for a serious case of chronic hives. The hives covered my entire body. I was also experiencing large swellings of my eyes, lips, scalp, feet and anywhere my skin had experienced pressure. For example, if I carried a purse, the place where my bag rested on my shoulder would swell with a large painful welt. I was taking Singulair and Zyrtec twice a day with no response. Courses of steroids would give me relief while I was on them however, they would quickly come back. Each time I had to go on steroids the hives would return sooner and they would get worse. I knew I could not continue this way. Since I started Flavay® I have not needed Steroids ever again. Subsequently I was able to eliminate the Zyrtec and Singulair. Both my Dermatologist and my allergy specialist both agree there is no other explanation and have requested literature on Flavay®. They saw my experience and were stunned. I am thrilled to be symptom free and free of steroids! PS: Now to add more, my friend knew a woman who also had chronic hives, she told her to call me. I introduced her to Flavay® and she is also symptom free!”
—Ms. Denise A.

“I know taking vitamins is good for you but this is much more than that. Because of taking Flavay® and Flavay Plus® I experience substantial improvement in mental sharpness, acuity and in the ability to react quickly and stay on top of situations while auto racing.”

“I want to thank you for Flavay Plus®, it’s just wonderful. My anxiety, panic and stress levels plummeted and my skin became clear and radiant.
—Ms. Joanna C.

“At 50 years of age I had come up with adult acne, with cysts and scabs all over my face. I've been taking 4 Flavay® and 4 Flavay Plus® capsules twice a day and in a two-week period my face is clear! The last scab came off my chin today. I'm from a pharmaceutical background, grew up in one, so I knew to take more than the suggested amount and never even read the dosage flyer. Today I came across the dosage flyer, and was I shocked to see that I was supposed to start slowly and build gradually! I took the large amount right from the start! I'm scared to taper off because I don't want my face to break out, but maybe I'll cut down a little and see how that works, now that it is clear. We own our own business and have been traveling a lot lately, under the stress of a busy schedule, and yet my face just kept clearing up and now it's clear!”
—Ms. D. G.

“My acne cleared up and I was doing great when taking 4 capsules each of Flavay® and Flavay Plus® a day, but when I dropped down to 3 of each my face started breaking out again in a few places. So, I'm back to taking 4 capsules of each.”
—Ms. D. G.

“This stuff really, really works! I have been taking Flavay® for about two months and my acne has really cleared up. Nothing dermatologists gave me helped. I am so glad I found Flavay®!”
—Ms. Eileen H.

“After taking Accutane my 15–year–old son’s acne just got worse. He just completed his first bottle of Flavay® and the results are fantastic!”
—Ms. Linda A.

“Our daughter has been using Flavay® to clear up acne with great success [for more than two years]. We are very happy with Flavay®.”
—Mrs. T. H.

“Since I have been taking Flavay® my acne is so much better. I wanted to try something natural before taking Accutane and I am glad that I did. Thank you for your information.”
—Ms. Kathy C.

“My son is taking Flavay® for his acne and says it is really working for him. He came very close to running out last month and was very concerned, he wanted me to place an order and have it shipped overnight.”
—Ms. Suzanne F.

Flavay® really does great things for my skin. It even makes acne scars go away! I'm not a doctor so I can't say what happened, but about 6-8 weeks into taking Flavay®, my acne scars lightened so that you don't notice them. My mother-in-law recently told me I look 15 years younger!
—Mr. R. E.

“I take Flavay® and Flavay Plus® like multi–vitamins. I noticed my face looks younger and my skin looks softer—others have noticed too! But I’ve not told any of my friends that Flavay® is my beauty secret.
—Ms. Kathy H.

“Just today someone spoke about how young I look and I thought it must be the Flavay®. It does good things for the collagen I guess. Great stuff. I've started taking more of it, so add a bottle to my usual order.”
—Mr. A. F.

“My husband suffered a stroke just prior to Thanksgiving. After his stroke he needed constant direction and all he wanted to do was sleep. Since he has been taking Flavay Plus® he is alert enough to care for himself, he has more energy, and he is constantly doing something around the house and yard. We are so happy with the results my husband has gotten with Flavay Plus® that we have recommended it to others.”
—Ms. Allison C.

“I have used Flavay® Flavay Plus® for almost a month and I really have not felt this healthy since, God, for so long. Fantastic energy and better overall. I have ms (small letters intentional, I hate it) and am feeling better even at work, people have commented, and my skin is better than it has ever been. I have great energy, it is incredible. I get on the exercise bike for an hour a day instead of lying in bed like before. I doubted the possibility but after only a month I see results and others do too.”
—Mr. G. S.

[Customer with multiple sclerosis, after taking Flavay® and Flavay Plus® for nearly two years:] “I love your products. Very pleased.”
—Mr. G. S.

“I have multiple sclerosis and so I was taking Avonex shots once a week, which not only cost me $1,000.00 per month but I felt ill every day except for the day prior to getting the next shot. Now that I am taking Flavay® I have completely stopped the Avonex shots. I take two Flavay® in the morning and two Flavay® in the evening, and all of my symptoms have completely disappeared except for the numbness in my arm. I am very happy with the results!”
—Ms. Kathy C.

“I have early multiple sclerosis. After two weeks of taking four capsules of Flavay Plus® a day I feel much better, and I quit taking my meds, too! I use Flavay Plus® as my multi-vitamin. It's great stuff!”
—Ms. L. A.

“I have multiple sclerosis and I used to have to drink three cups of coffee in the mornings just to get control over my speech, which was slurred. With Flavay® and Flavay Plus® my speech cleared up. I don’t argue with success! My neighbor’s young son has autism, he also takes Flavay® and Flavay Plus®, and his mother said his speech is clearing up and he poops in the toilet... The teacher asked, “What are you doing?” She told her it was nutrition. The teacher repeated, “What are you doing?” The teacher didn’t want to believe, but could plainly see decided improvement in the boy.”
—Ms. S. R.

“My husband, our daughter and I love Flavay® and Flavay Plus®!”
—Ms. Wendy L.

“I started taking Flavay® and Flavay Plus® for depression in January of this year. I'm very satisfied to have no withdrawal periods and no depression. I know it works because I stopped taking the products and my husband said he could tell the difference, that I wasn't 'as nice a person' when I didn't take Flavay® and Flavay Plus®. And I could tell, too. So I started taking them again.”
—Ms. E. R.

“After taking Flavay Plus® for five days, I am more productive at my work and, surprisingly, my family noticed I'm in a better mood when I wake up in the morning, feeling as if I'm taking Prozac! Thanks.”

“My husband and I have our own business. We have been feeling so tired and rundown. We had taken Flavay® and Flavay Plus® a few years ago and we can remember how great we felt when we took them. Now we want to get back to that. We'll use Flavay Plus® as our multi-vitamin and at the same time go for the energy and mental function enhancements.”
—Ms. K.L.

“I gave my son 2 capsules of Flavay Plus® this morning before school and I took 2 capsules myself. A few hours into the school day, my son's teacher sent me an email saying that my son is like a new child, focused and alert. She wanted to know what happened. I emailed her back about Flavay Plus®. No one told me to expect an email from the teacher on the first day of taking Flavay Plus®!

“My husband is a medical doctor. He had cautioned me not to get excited when ordering Flavay Plus®, saying ‘sometimes they make up those testimonials.’ So he liked the email from the teacher. I told him: ‘And you know what, I feel more focused myself, more able to handle [things].’”
—Ms. C.L.

“I'm a HUGE fan of Flavay® and Flavay Plus®! My daughter has acne and concentration problems, and the rest of my family takes them as a general supplement.”
—Ms. P.G.

NOTE: We do not compensate for our endorsements and testimonials. We do not consider paid testimonials to be nearly as valuable as comments from customers who were not compensated and yet liked the products so much they gave their testimonials anyway.

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