Flavay: International and U.S. Patents and Clinically Proven

Improve Retinal Health with Flavay

Strengthen Vessels and Reduce Leakage

Flavay® has been sold world-wide for vascular and retinal health since 1950 and has been extensively tested in humans.

A review of 26 human studies reveals Flavay® significantly strengthens vessels in the eyes, improves capillary fragility, vascular lesions, microaneurysms and exudates associated with diabetic retinopathy. (71)
Flavay clinical trial found 147 out of 147 experienced improvement in retinopathies linked to inadequate blood supply.
The effects of Flavay® (100 mg per day) were measured on 147 subjects with retinopathy. Flavay® improved all cases of exudations linked to ischemia (inadequate blood supply) linked to a diabetic, ateriosclerotic, inflammatory, degenerative and myopic nature. (69)
Flavay clinical trial found 21 out of 26 experienced overall improvement in persons with retinopathy, capillary fragility microaneurysms exudates and hemorrhages. Capillary fragility (measured with Parrot’s angiosterrometer) improved in 11 persons, condition of the ocular fundus improved in 15
        persons, and overall improvement in 21 persons.
An open study measured the effects of Flavay® on 26 persons with retinopathy and capillary fragility, microaneurysms, exudates and hemorrhages. Capillary fragility (measured with Parrot’s angiosterrometer) improved in 11 persons, condition of the ocular fundus improved in 15 persons, and overall improvement in 21 persons. (250)

Flavay® Protects the Smallest Blood Vessels in the Eyes and Improves Circulation

The health of your eyes depends to a great extent on the integrity of the fine vessels that supply blood to the area. Flavay® helps to both prevent and relieve vascular fragility as it strengthens vessels and helps to prevent the root causes of vessel occlusion—effectively reducing the risk of a rupture or hemorrhage. (23,35,36,77-79,87,146,267,268)

diagram of eye with diabetic retinopathy shows retina, leaking blood vessels, blocked central retinal vein.
Diabetic retinopathy is where blood vessels in the retina are fragile and cause reduced retinal blood flow and ultimately inflammation; may include hemorrhages, microaneurysms, and exudates (oozing fluids). Bleeding and leaking from the damaged blood vessels eventually causes vision loss and blindness.
diagram of eye with macular edema and wet macular degeneration shows macula and retina, leaking blood vessels, macular edema (swelling in macula), blocked retinal veins.
Macular edema and wet macular degeneration is where blood vessels are fragile and ultimately lead to blood and protein leakage below the macula. Bleeding, leaking, and scarring from the damaged blood vessels eventually cause irreversible damage and vision loss.

The retinal and vascular protective activities of Flavay® are established by many significant studies.

Scientific research and clinical trials show several important ways in which Flavay® may protect vision and improve eye health.

  1. Flavay® improves microcirculation in the retinal membranes and slows progression of degeneration. (69-72,249,250)
  2. Flavay® reduces swelling and is shown to reduce pressure in ophthalmic membranes. (249,250)
  3. Flavay® reinforces collagen structures of the retina (which is 80% collagen). Flavay® improves strength and tone of veins, arteries, capillaries (the smallest vessels) and lymphoid tissues and thereby improves circulation and microcirculation, and reduce leakage. (47,48,82,205)
  4. Flavay® protects collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid from destructive inflammation-produced enzymes. (18,25,61,74,81) This is very important in eyes. For example, low levels of hyaluronic acid (known as hyaluronan) is a contributing factor in vitreous deterioration, retinal detachment and formation of macular holes. (376,377)
  5. Flavay® increase intracellular antioxidant capacity and effectively protects the eyes from oxidative damage. (33,271,272,276,282,299) This is also very important. Oxidative damage is responsible for macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal degeneration and retinopathies, and cataracts. (257-259,299)
  6. Flavay® improves retinal sensitivity to light, recovery from glare, and adaptation to different light environments. (63,64,65,71,262,263)
In various clinical trials, all persons given Flavay® showed significant improvement with various types of retinal degenerations, including macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, and hemorrhagic and hypertensive retinopathy. (69-72)

Flavay® Strengthens Vessel Walls, Reduces Leaky Vessels and Improves Blood Flow

Flavay® is shown to increase capillary resistance, decrease capillary permeability, and increase rate of lymph flow. (47,48,82,205)

Research shows Flavay® improves strength and tone of veins, arteries, capillaries (the smallest vessels) and lymphoid tissues by strengthening the essential constituents in vascular walls (collagen and elastin). (47,48,82,205)

Flavay® is also shown to improve the endothelial function of micro-vessels which improves micro-circulation in the eyes. (53,264,274)

Flavay® reduces damaging effects of elastase, collagenase and hyaluronidase by altering membrane receptor conformation of vascular walls and preventing destructive enzymes from attaching to and degrading vascular walls. (23,67,268)

Flavay® further prevents destruction of vascular walls by preventing the attachment to membranes of histamine, which decreases strength of vessel walls. (35,56,77-79,87,146)

diagram of eye shows cornea, lens, macula and retina, leaking blood vessels, macular edema (swelling in macula), blocked central retinal vein.
Flavay® seals leaky capillaries, strengthens vessels and prevents outflow of blood or liquid. The number of microbleedings in retinal tissue is thereby reduced and visual acuity can improve when taking Flavay®. (249,250)

Vision, Nitric Oxide and Flavay®

In addition to improved vessel strength, Flavay® improves circulation and blood flow in the eyes by modulating nitric oxide metabolism in endothelial cells. Nitric oxide plays a major role in the control of ocular blood flow as a potent endothelium-derived vasodilator. (237-239,292,296)

Nitric oxide is essential for normal blood circulation as it controls the muscular tone of blood vessels and regulates circulation and blood flow. However, both underproduction and overproduction of nitric oxide can lead to to glaucoma, retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), myopia, cataracts and uveitis. So, in order to have good vision, the body must maintain the right balance of nitric oxide—and that's what Flavay® does. (10,239,265,292,296,375)

Flavay® is shown to balance nitric oxide activity, both to stimulate normal synthesis and inhibit over-production of nitric oxide. (10,53,265,302)

Flavay® Normalizes Reactivity
("Stickiness") of Blood Platelets

Flavay® reduces platelet aggregation (“sticky blood”) as it aids in production of endothelial nitric oxide which helps to dilate blood vessels and causes blood platelets return to their normal smooth condition. (10,38-54,103,202)

Flavay® Favorably Increases Erythrocyte Deformability

Studies show Flavay® also improves red blood cell membranes so they remain flexible. Red blood cells (erythrocytes) must change shape extensively without rupturing for micro-circulation. Flavay® is found to favorably increase erythrocyte deformability in diabetics—without increasing viscosity (resistance). (70)

Nitric oxide is an important signaling molecule which controls the muscular tone of vessels and thereby regulates circulation and normalizes blood flow in the eyes, and throughout the body. (10,203,235,237,239)

Oxidation and Vision Loss

Oxygen and light generate free radicals or precursors, and oxidative damage to lens proteins leads to increasing opacity. It's been shown, through both animal and human studies, that oxidative stress plays a critical role in macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal degeneration and retinopathies, and cataracts. (243,244,320-327)

Oxidative damage is responsible for macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal degeneration and retinopathies, and cataracts. (257-259,299)

Due to the exposure to sunlight and high oxygen concentration, the oxidative stress burden is higher in the eye than other tissues, which can be further complicated by additional oxidative stressors such as smoke, smog, chemical pollution and chronic exposure to “blue light” digital-screen radiation. (323-327)

A recent Harvard Health Letter warns that chronic exposure to fluorescent and LED light (“blue light”) may lead to macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinal degenerative diseases which can eventually cause serious vision loss and blindness. (322)

Flavay® Protects Retinal Cells From Oxidation

Oxidative stress is a major cause of cell death and the hallmark of optic neurodegenerative diseases (including retinopathy and glaucoma) is retinal ganglion cell-death. (243,244,320-327)

Studies show Flavay® protects oxidative stress-injured retinal ganglion cells by inhibiting apoptosis (death). (328,329)

diagram of eye shows cornea, lens, macula and retina, leaking blood vessels, macular edema (swelling in macula), blocked central retinal vein.
UV light induces oxidative stress to the front of the eye (particularly the cornea and lens), and LED “blue” light reaches deeper into the eye where its cumulative oxidative stress can cause damage to the retina. (320-322,326)

Human clinical studies show taking Flavay® significantly increases serum total antioxidant activity. (33)

Antioxidant vitamins A, C and E are found decreased in diabetic persons. Also, a number of studies have shown that diabetes mellitus (types 1 and 2) is accompanied by increased formation of free radicals and decreased antioxidant capacity, leading to oxidative damage. (190,191)
Taking Flavay® increases intracellular antioxidant activities in vitamin C and E, catalase, superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase (GPx). (33,83,274,369,371) Flavay® also increases cellular antioxidant activity of vitamin A in eyes. (63,64,71)
Flavay: International and U.S. Patents and Clinically Proven

Flavay® is patented as a scavenger of the free radicals that play a major role in the degradation of collagen and in the initiation, duration and breakdown of inflammation and in ischaemia (reduced blood flow).

“[A] method for preventing and fighting the harmful biological effects of free radicals in the organism of warm blooded animals and more especially human beings, namely cerebral involution, hypoxia following atherosclerosis, cardiac or cerebral infarction, tumour promotion, inflammation, ischaemia, alterations of the synovial liquid, collagen degradation, among others.”
—U.S. Patent No. 4,698,360 (1987).

Scientific and clinical studies demonstrate Flavay® stabilizes microcapillaries in the retinal membranes and slows progression of degeneration. This shows that Flavay® should be part of the daily nutritional regimen of every aging person (most especially every diabetic person).

What Customers Are Saying

I started getting night vision problems and so I really didn't want to drive at night. Halogen headlights were a problem but with Flavay my vision is so much better that I can even read the license plate on the oncoming car. My wife, too, her vision has improved. —Mr. D.T.*

Flavay has really helped with my glaucoma. After a few weeks my doctor was surprised because my numbers went down. —Ms. Yvonne B.*

I’ve got three of us taking Flavay, all three of us got better from glaucoma. I’m 82 and a healthy man and I still act like one. I take two Flavay per day. —Mr. Harvey S.*

After 2-3 weeks of taking Flavay I can tell a distinct difference for my eyes. Now, my stainless steel refrigerator looks normal, I don't see irritating waves and or need to blink as before. It's such an easy way for me to gauge what Flavay is doing for my eyes. Also, I see less of a halo around light. I can tell a distinct difference. I'm delighted to see a difference in my skin, too. My aged skin looks a lot better. It's a quality difference in my skin. And I see a huge difference in my mother's skin, a softness that it didn't have before. —Ms. Jane F.*

I was skeptical but desperate when I first ordered Flavay for my diabetic retinopathy. In less than one month the Flavay has produced a dramatic improvement in my condition. My eyes clear as soon as I take my morning dose. I am a doctor of pharmacy and had never heard of your product but you bet I will spread the word... Thank you for saving my vision. The laser surgery just made it worse and my doctor had all but given up so I searched the web for a remedy and found your product. Flavay is remarkable! —Dr. H.H.*

After taking Flavay and Flavay Plus (about four months) my vision is more clear, so much so that I can drive a car and even read a newspaper. Macular degeneration may have etched areas of my retina and I still have to move my eyes around to find spots where I can see the best—but even that has improved a little. I can hardly believe my improvement. I’m astounded that something so simple, strengthening the capillaries in the eyes, has meant so much improvement. —retired medical doctor*

My mom says she feels better and so she stops taking Flavay and Flavay Plus, and then she notices her vision starts getting worse and her memory starts slipping, so she gets back on Flavay and Flavay Plus. She loves what they do for her. —Ms. X.Y.*

I have diabetic retinopathy and for about a year I was blind in one eye, but now I can see out of that eye. Not well enough to read, but improving, so I'll keep taking Flavay and Flavay Plus, currently taking 2 Flavay and 4 Flavay Plus. Did you know that these products are the only ones out there which help my condition, the only ones, and I'll keep taking them. —Mr. Mark M.*

I have been using your product (Flavay) for over a year now and I have found it quite useful for diabetic retinopathy. My right eye is almost blind and my left has very little vision. Even so your product has returned some vision to my eyes. —Dr. F.R.H.*

Flavay and Flavay Plus are helping my wife's eyes. She picked out a Cessna 350 in the sky lately. She hasn't been able to do that until now. —Mr. J. McDonald*

My friend and neighbor has been giving me Flavay bottles for some months because I would tell him when I was out of capsules. I've been using them. I have noticed improvements, especially with my vision. —Mr. R.F.*

I have tried everything else and your Flavay really helps my eyesight. I was having trouble seeing at night and now I don't have that problem anymore. I love Flavay. I also had a blown knee that they had wanted to do surgery on and now I don't have to. I love the Flavay, I really like it! —Ms. T.K.*

I have found Flavay to be a wonderful product. I buy it for my mum's eyes, but we also notice it improves her cognitive function. —Ms. N.S.*

I can read three lines up on the eye chart since taking Flavay and Flavay Plus for my retinopathy! (83-year-old customer whose eye-doctor's office called to receive a Flavay brochure. The doctor's nurse was laughing and saying, “Whatever your product is, it's good!”) —Ms. Daisy B.*

Flavay has so dramatically improved my vision that my son has arranged for me to have a new puppy! I'm a dog lover but when my dog died seven years ago I wouldn't have a new one because I couldn't see well enough to take care of it. —Ms. Daisy B.*

I purchased Flavay for my mother with advanced retinopathy. After taking Flavay her doctor was totally taken aback by what he found, her vision test had improved by 3 lines. We give thanks to the Lord for making this product available —Ms. Judy E.*

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