Flavay is the Original, Patented and Clinically Proven

Accept No Substitutes

Beware of Inferior and Unsafe
Imitations and Derivatives

Consumers need to know that the marketplace is full of imitations, offshoots and derivatives of scientifically-proven natural products. Those who are looking for a product that will produce the proven results and not just the "claimed" or "implied" results, want the authentic product that was used in the actual scientific research. This is especially important in the “grape seed extract” and “pine bark extract” category.

Other so-called “OPC” products contain nothing more than grape seeds or other plant parts which have been pulverized in a food processor —because producing extracts is incalculably less costly than isolating OPCs. Many manufacturers use chemical solvents which are quite different from water and food-grade alcohol. The manufacturers that do isolate proanthocyanidins then fail to remove the many large proanthocyanidins (PPCs) from among the small “oligomeric” proanthocyanidins (OPCs). There is also wide variation between grape seeds used as well as seed separation, drying and storage. All these differences have a significant impact on the final composition and why most are anti-nutritive and many may be dangerous in large doses.

“Certain bioflavonoids are mutagenic at high doses.”

—Jack Masquelier, et. al, “Flavonoides et pycnogenols,” Int. J. Vit. Nutr. Res.; 1979. (89)

Flavonoids sold in high doses, including “grape seed extracts” are “likely to make you sick.”

—Martyn T. Smith, et al., “Beware of plant supplements called flavonoids; they could make you sick, warn UC Berkeley public health experts.” Free Radical Bio. & Med.; 2000. (194)

No Industry Standard

“Proanthocyanidins” and “OPCs” are Unreliable Labels in the Marketplace

Consumers need to know there is no American industry standard for accurately identifying and quantifying products sold as oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) in the marketplace. The result is that so-called “OPC” products contain unidentified and untraceable extracts typically labeled vaguely as “grape seed extract” or “pine bark extract.” Even a trained observer is left guessing about the origin of the ingredients, method of production, and in which country and according to what standards it was produced.

Other so-called “OPCs” products contain unidentified and untraceable extracts typically labeled vaguely as “grape seed extract” or “pine bark extract.”
Even a trained observer is left guessing about the origin of the ingredients, method of production, and in which country and according to what standards it was produced.

Consumers should also be aware that some manufacturers of grape seed and pine bark extracts have devised ways to synthetically boost the proanthocyanidin numbers for their extracts in a test tube (in vitro, which is outside the living body and in an artificial environment). However, there is no scientific research to show whether the human body benefits from this synthetic boost. More importantly, large-clusters of proanthocyanidins can be unhealthy.

Proanthocyanidin clusters must have a small molecular size to be safe and effective.

Large-clusters (6-or-more) of proanthocyanidins are anti-nutritive and can be unhealthy in large doses. Large proanthocyanidins (also known as “tannins”) are more useful in tanning leather and in manufacturing eco-friendly plastics, resins and adhesives. (195,196)

Large-clusters of proanthocyanidins are not healthy for consumption, but they are used in manufacturing plastics, resins and adhesives. (195,196)

Flavay® is uniquely formulated to remove the large-clusters and to include only the small organic clusters of monomers (1), dimers (2), trimers (3), tetramers (4) and pentamers (5)—and no larger.

Flavay® consists of only the singles and small-clusters (2-5) of proanthocyanidins, plus naturally-occurring organic acids.

There are many, many suppliers of grape seed and pine bark extracts who use various and unproven manufacturing processes, which leads to widespread differences in products labeled at “grape seed extract” or “pine bark extract” in the marketplace. Unfortunately, too, many companies have used Dr. Jack Masquelier’s name and research in unauthorized ways to promote illegitimate extracts. Together with widespread confusion and misunderstanding as to the differences between vague “extracts” and their active principles, it's practically impossible for retailers and consumers to distinguish inferior products from quality ones.

What Makes Flavay® Superior?

Authenticity & Purity

Flavay: International and U.S. Patents and Clinically Proven

Flavay® is the authentic and original small-cluster, oligomeric proanthocyanidins complex—pure and unadulterated —used in the actual experiments by which Dr. Jack Masquelier discovered proanthocyanidins, patented its extraction methods from Pinus Maritima (French Maritime pine) bark and vitis vinifera (grape) seeds, and patented its strong antioxidant power.

“"[A] method for preventing and fighting the harmful biological effects of free radicals in the organism of warm blooded animals and more especially human beings, namely cerebral involution, hypoxia following atherosclerosis, cardiac or cerebral infarction, tumour promotion, inflammation, ischaemia, alterations of the synovial liquid, collagen degradation, among others. The method consists in administering to said animals and especially to human beings an amount, efficient against said effects, of a plant extract with a proanthocyanidins content which has a radical scavenger effect.”
—Jack Masquelier, U.S. Patent No. 4,698,360 (1987).

Flavay® is the name you can trust for the pure small-cluster oligomeric proanthocyanidins complex manufactured in France for more than 65 years.

For a healthy mind and body

Flavay is terrific. I've had concentration problems, well, for 60 years, all my life. I couldn't have direct eye contact with people when talking with them because I couldn't concentrate. I told jokes but couldn't make people laugh because I couldn't keep my concentration. Now I can look people in the eye. Now I can make people laugh! I don't know how it works but it works and it is terrific. —Mr. Wayne M.*

My 13-year-old son started taking Flavay for ADD. He came home from school saying, ‘Mom! I felt so smart! I answered all of the questions!’ The teacher backed him up, saying he got every answer correct. So I will keep giving him Flavay. —Ms. Tammy A.*

Flavay works well with my son (6 years-old, with Autism). He's doing work at the proper level, anger issues are gone. —Ms. O.F.*

Thank you so much for all your help. Thank you for also improving my son's lifestyle (taking Flavay). —Ms. R.D.*

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I have found Flavay to be a wonderful product. I buy it for my mum's eyes, but we also notice it improves her cognitive function. —Ms. N.S.*

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I have lupus and taking Flavay enables me to move. I'm not able to do without it. I've been taking it for more than a decade and my skin looks younger, in fact people think I'm my kid's sister. —Ms. L.B.*

I just want to say that I love Flavay. When I stop taking it, the pain comes right back. —Mr. Mark H.*

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I had a terrible accident where I fell 20 feet and injured my back and it was really bad. Taking Flavay has made me so much better and now I have no back problem whatsoever. I mowed my yard today. I've referred many many people to your products, and it worked for them too. —Mr. Dave T.*

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I started taking Flavay for arthritis pain and I feel so much better! I'm so thrilled! —Ms. Susan S.*

After taking Flavay for just a week, my sister is doing things she couldn’t do before, such as bending over to pick things up off the floor. —Mr. Joe C.*

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Your Flavay really helps my husband's chronic pain syndrome and we're almost out! Please ship asap! —Ms. S.W.*

I was taking Flavay for pain and mobility. Now I take Flavay as much for the benefits to my skin as for joint pain. —Mr. H.S.*

I can’t even tell you how much I appreciated finding your product Flavay and the incredible results and relief I have gotten from taking it... I skeptically ordered two bottles... And low and behold, it works. I read that I could take more than 2 that some people had to take 4 or 5 at a time, so I did, hoping and praying, and my prayers were answered. To say thank-you is an understatement, and I have been able to stop all other pain meds. I honestly was on a one way road to nowhere, now I am free again..a feeling I haven’t had in over 12 years. Thank-you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —Ms. Beth B.*

I am a nutritionist and I have referred two of my clients to take Flavay. Both of my clients have raved about the product. One of my clients has a problem with circulation and she said Flavay really works for her. —Mr. John H.*

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My neighbor is so pleased with Flavay telling me how much better she feels. She has heart problems and taking 2 Flavay per day she has so much energy again and her color is better too. —Ms. C.V.*

I have tried everything else and your Flavay really helps my eyesight. I was having trouble seeing at night and now I don't have that problem anymore. I love Flavay. I also had a blown knee that they had wanted to do surgery on and now I don't have to. I love the Flavay, I really like it! —Ms. T.K.*

I start feeling pain in my joints after a few days of not taking Flavay. —Mr. Mark H.*

My daughter has rheumatoid arthritis in her knees and years ago Flavay had really helped her, so I want to order some more for her. —Ms. K.M.*

For several years I took Flavay for fibromyalgia and it really worked and I felt so much better. Now I need to start again. —Ms. C.H.*

I love your product called Flavay. I feel it does the job! —Mr. R.H.*

I have had joint pain in my hips for a couple years. I have been taking Flavay for about 30 days and I realized I don't have hip joint pain when laying down or sitting for long periods! I will continue to take it daily. —Ms. M.H.*

Thank you so much. I'm desperate!! 😊 Haven't taken them (Flavay and Flavay Plus) for a few months and can tell the difference! —Ms. S.A.*

Since I started taking Flavay I felt so good and I'm hoping to keep getting better. I started taking Flavay for my knee but since I started taking Flavay I've cut way back on asthma meds. The medication affects my brain badly. I want to control asthma instead of it controlling me. Flavay is a big help, I am so happy! —Ms. J.I.*

I began giving my daughter Flavay Plus for ADD and then I decided to add Flavay for my daughter's allergies. I want to tell you, the Flavay works like a charm for my daughter’s allergies. She is 6 years old, and when we ran out of capsules this week she told me, “You've got to get more Flavay!” —Ms. S.S.*

I just wanted to write and say WOW... I was so skeptical of your product at first and really had a negative attitude when I started taking it. I am a 40 yr old female with anxiety, mild ADHD and a host of arthritis and inflammation issues. It was a struggle for me to get out of bed everyday and focus on what needed to be done. I had no focus, no attention span, no energy, and no desire to do anything. About a week into taking Flavay and Flavay Plus, I started noticing that I could think a little clearer. My rheumatoid arthritis flare-ups weren't so bad, though I still have them. feeling better, and having more energy. I never thought I would feel like my old self again. I don't know exactly how you do it,...but this stuff works! I am telling all of my friends to try it because you've given me my old life back! Thank you! —Ms. L.A.*

I am not one to review products, but i can't deny some of the benefits i've experienced using both your biomor curcumin and flavay products. I've been taking both for a few months now, and the two major benefits i've noticed are 1) joint strength and mobility (for workouts) as i am lifting much heavier weights without injury 2) I am a paroxsymal Afib sufferer, and my episodes have gone from 2-3 per week down to zero (most weeks). This can't just be a coincidence. I think there is definitely something in your formulas that stop inflammation and get your body in balance and healing itself. —Mr. B.V.W.*

I really notice a difference when taking Flavay Plus, both in inflammation and in my stress levels. —Ms. W.L.*

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