The Complex Molecular Composition of Flavay

Molecular Composition of Flavay

The Complex Molecular
Composition of Flavay®

Unlike single-molecule nutrients, the molecules in Flavay® are very complex and require specialized knowledge and technology in order to be accurately identified and quantified.

In the huge and very diverse category of 20,000 flavonoids (and its much larger parent category, polyphenols), only the specific group of molecules in Flavay® are found to bind to collagen proteins and make vessels stronger. (2-4,89,178)

Flavay® is Not a Bioflavonoid

Bioflavonoids do not bind to collagen proteins. Bioflavonoids are made of a different species of molecule known as "flavonols" (note the "o"). (2-4,89,178)


Flavay® is Unique

Flavay® consists of molecules known as flavanols (note the "a")—and only in a highly specific form. Flavay® consists of organic groups of one flavanol molecule bonded together in groups of three, known as "flavan-3-ols," which have bonded into small complexes of two, three, four and five (but no larger) clusters, and retained in their naturally-occurring acid nutrients.

Only the specific small complexes of flavan-3-ol molecules in Flavay® bind to collagen proteins and make vessels stronger. (1,2,18,19,89)

Large proanthocyanidins are antinutritive, unsafe in large doses, used in manufacturing exo-friendly plastics, adhesives and resins, and tanning leather. Small, oligo, proanthocyanidins strengthens collagen, improves circulation, reduces inflammation, terminates free radicals, protects cells from oxidation. Singles, flavan-3-ol complexes, very nutritive but only when retained along with its organic small-molecule partners.

Greater than the sum of its parts.

The science of manufacturing Flavay® is complex. Where the single flavan-3-ol molecular groups are highly beneficial, the same molecules are nonnutritive when isolated from their natural partners. So, organic groups of single and small-clusters of specific molecules are selectively preserved while antinutritive large-clusters of molecules are removed. Organic acids are retained to preserve bioactivity in the otherwise highly-perishable molecular complexes.

Small Molecular Size is Important

Large Molecules Must Be Removed for Effectiveness and Safety

Flavay® is uniquely formulated to remove large, antinutritive proanthocyanidins. Flavay® consists of only the small organic clusters of monomers (1), dimers (2), trimers (3), tetramers (4) and pentamers (5)—and no larger.

Organic Acids

Flavay® retains small amounts of other substances called organic acids, including caffeic acid, cinnamic acid, fumaric acid, gallic acid, vanillic acid, ferulic acid, protocatechuic acid, taxifolin, resveratrol and related substances. These "minor" organic acids significantly contribute to the beneficial effects of Flavay®.

Flavay® is a unique formulation of singles and small proanthocyanidins retained in their naturally-occurring acid nutrients, and has been awarded many patents for manufacturing and for vascular protection since 1948.

Only Small Proanthocyanidins
Are Safe and Effective

Oligo means few or small.

Only the small (2-5) clusters of molecules are small enough to fit between collagen fibrils and gently protect delicate tissues. (Clusters of 6+ are too large and their affinity for proteins is too strong to be healthful.)

Genesis: Carbocation: the single flavanol before it irreversibly becomes a single catechin, a single epicatechin, or part of a proanthocyanidin cluster. Catechin: the single flavanol after it irreversibly became a single catechin, not bonded as OPCs. Epicatechin: the single flavanol after it irreversibly became a single epicatechin, not bonded as OPCs.
Dimer: two irreversibly bonded catechins and/or epicatechins Trimer: three irreversibly bonded catechins and/or epicatechins.
OPCs: oligomeric proanthocyanidins are clusters of dimers, 2, trimers, 3, tetramers, 4, and/or pentamers, 5.

Large Proanthocyanidins
Are Ineffective, Unsafe and Antinutritive

Large proanthocyanidins also bind to collagen proteins. But the large clusters of molecules (6+) are so powerful that they crush where the small clusters (2-5) gently stay in check with the delicacy of the tissues they protect. The large proanthocyanidin molecules cannot pass the intestinal tract into the blood because they are too large to fit between collagen fibrils and unable to repair decayed collagen. (3,4)

Large proanthocyanidins are antinutritive because they bind to dietary fiber or proteins and prevent absorption of useful nutrients. (192-194,246)

Large proanthocyanidins are ineffective and antinutritive. (192-194)

Large proanthocyanidins are known as "tannins" and were traditionally used for tanning leather before natural tanning materials were replaced by chemicals. Today, the large proanthocyanidins are used in production of eco-friendly plastics, resins and adhesives. (195,196)

Large proanthocyanidins are clusters of hexamers, 6, or larger.

No Industry Standard for Proanthocyanidins

Consumers need to know there is no American industry standard for accurately identifying and quantifying dietary supplements sold as proanthocyanidins (or, procyanidins). The result is widespread confusion and misunderstanding. Suppliers of grape seed and pine bark extracts use various and unproven manufacturing processes so there are widespread differences in the products.

A review of research studies reveals the problem is enormous. Comparative analyses conducted at the University of British Columbia found commercially-produced proanthocyanidins “differed substantially... shown to be only 7.2% similar... raising questions about its quantification in units of [antioxidant] activity” and confirming there is no standard for proanthocyanidins in the marketplace. (179)

Most producers of grape seed extracts and pine bark extracts leave the large proanthocyanidin molecules (tannins) in their products in order to bulk up the weight and then allow the consumer to wrongly believe they are consuming small molecule (oligomeric) proanthocyanidins (or, OPCs).

Another problem appears where only single complexes are used. A published study discovered certain commercially-produced proanthocyanidins were totally ineffective because they were comprised of exclusively single complexes rather than small-cluster complexes of proanthocyanidins. (428)

Unfortunately, because there is no industry standard and therefore absolutely no verification process, there is as much confusion as there are commercial opportunists in this category.

The Original and Only True Standard
for Proanthocyanidins Since 1947

Flavay - International and U.S. Patents and Clinically Proven

Patented Manufacturing Processes

Authenticity ∙ Purity ∙ Effectiveness

More than 70 years of solid scientific research, patents and clinical studies, rigorous manufacturing controls and comprehensive identity-testing safeguard quality and consistency of Flavay®.

Flavay® is the name you can trust for the original, patented and perfected, pure and unadulterated, small-cluster oligomeric proanthocyanidins complex manufactured in France where it has been tested as a medicine for safety and validated by the French Ministry of Health and approved for over-the-counter use.

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