Boost Nitric Oxide Levels for Better Blood Flow.

Improve Endothelial Function and Control Nitric Oxide Levels with Flavay

Endothelial (vessels), Neurons (brain) and Immune Cells

What Does Nitric Oxide Do?

Nitric oxide acts as a signaling molecule for the whole body.

Nitric oxide is a gas molecule used by every tissue and organ of our body, from our muscles to our eyes to our brain to the disease-fighting cells of our immune system. A large and growing body of research reveals how important nitric oxide is to each of our body systems. An imbalance in nitric oxide affects us in many ways and loss of nitric oxide function is one of the earliest indicators of disease. (203,204,446,459)

Biological Functions of Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide turns genes on-and-off throughout the body.

Nitric oxide in physiological, biochemical and pathological systems. Cardiovascular system: - Vasodilation - Microvascular tone regulation - Leukocyte adhesion - Platelet aggregation/inhibition - Microvascular permeability. Neurological system: - Learning - Memory - Neural protection - Neuronal toxicity - Neuronal development - Neurotransmission - Nociception. Excretory system: - Glomerular filtration - Renal vasodilation - Renal endothelial function. Vision: ∙ Neurotransmitter within the retina - Regulation of retinal blood flow - Visual transduction - Effector in photoreceptors - Muscle tone in retinal and choroidal circulation.  Endocrine system: - Posterior pituitary hormones gonadotropin hypothalamic releasing factor. Immune system: - Innate immunity - Cytotoxic chemical - Cellular injury protection - Superoxide radical quenching. Respiratory system: - Bronchial dilation - Pulmonary vascular reactivity
  - Alveolar-capillary membrane permeability. Urogeneital system: - Reninsecretion - Penile erection
  - Ferilization - Spermatogenisis, oogenesis, ovulation.

(Above:) Nitric oxide acts as a signaling molecule and loss of nitric oxide function is one of the earliest indicators of disease. (446,459)

Nitric Oxide Toxicity

Loss of nitric oxide function is one of the earliest indicators of disease.

While nitric oxide is essential for life, excessive amounts of nitric oxide can be deadly and actually contribute to heart disease and strokes, arthritis, asthma and Alzheimer's disease. (10,239,265,292,296)

Nitric oxide is essential in fighting infection, killing tumor cells and promoting wound-healing. As long as nitric oxide is produced in the right amount, it's beneficial to the body. But when nitric oxide is produced in excess, it causes some of the body's worst free-radical damage. (14,232-236)

Our immune system uses nitric oxide as a signaling molecule to activate important white blood cells (macrophages) to fight infection, kill tumor cells and promote wound healing. Activation of white blood cells causes endothelial cells to create superoxide rather than nitric oxide. (439)

Studies show Flavay® protects macrophage white blood cells and their disease-fighting activity. (14,103,261,271,301)

When endothelial dysfunctions, the endothelial cells produce superoxide instead of nitric oxide. Blood flow decreases, muscles surrounding vessels constrict, platelets activate (sticky)

Oxidative stress causes endothelial dysfunction, which is when endothelial cells create superoxide (rather than nitric oxide). (439)

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Nitric Oxide, Superoxide and Peroxynitrite

Nitric Oxide (Good) is Changed by Superoxide (Bad) into Peroxynitrite (Ugly)

Oxidative stress causes nitric oxide to react with superoxide to form peroxynitrite, which damages endothelial cells. Further, peroxynitrite is metabolized to form the hydroxyl radical and also oxidizes tetrahydropterin, which is a cofactor of endothelial nitric oxide synthase, and as a result, endothelial cells create superoxide—rather than nitric oxide. (439)

Nitric oxide can both promote and inhibit lipid peroxidation.

By itself, nitric oxide acts as a potent inhibitor of the lipid peroxidation chain reaction and potential initiators of lipid peroxidation. However, when in the presence of superoxide, nitric oxide forms peroxynitrite, a powerful oxidant capable of initiating lipid peroxidation and oxidizing lipid soluble antioxidants. (346)

Lipid peroxidation is where fat-heavy membranes (like brain cells) become rancid (peroxidized) and cause a chain reaction, causing neurons to break down and destroy surrounding healthy cells. Lipid peroxidation appears to be the final common pathway for many neurological illnesses—specific symptoms depend on which area of the brain is under attack. In Alzheimer's, cell membranes of the hippocampus (memory region) fall prey to free-radical attack. In Parkinson's, the 'substantia nigra' (which produces dopamine) suffers the most damage. (10,239,265,292,296)

Nitric oxide plays a major role in the function of the blood-brain barrier which consists mainly of endothelial cells. (202-204,374)

Flavay® Improves Nitric Oxide Levels
by Improving Endothelial Dysfunction

Flavay® elevates nitric oxide synthesis to normal levels

Flavay® improves nitric oxide levels by favorably elevating nitric oxide synthesis and antioxidant levels, and thereby improving endothelial dysfunction. Both in vivo and clinical studies show Flavay® balances nitric oxide activity, both to stimulate normal synthesis and inhibit over-production of nitric oxide. Flavay® protects against toxic overproduction of nitric oxide by blocking nitric oxide synthases. (10,53,261,265,302,306,315,372,414)

Flavay® is shown to improve vasodilation and mildly inhibit angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) by modulating nitric oxide metabolism in endothelial cells. (292,296,358)

Also, endothelial nitric oxide acts to increase the production of a chemical messenger called "cyclic-GMP" (guanosine monophosphate), which is needed to keep blood platelets relaxed and not prone to clumping or aggregation. (239,265,286,287,292,296)

Flavay® Elevates Antioxidant Levels

Research also shows taking Flavay® specifically increases vitamin E (a-tocopherol) antioxidant levels in endothelial cells. (292)

A study comparing activity and synthesis of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and nitric oxide levels in diabetic and non-diabetic cerebellum and cerebral cortex shows diabetes significantly decreases synthesis and activity of SOD and Flavay® significantly increases synthesis of SOD. Also, diabetes reduces synthesis of nitric oxide but Flavay® elevates nitric oxide levels back to normal. (372)

Taking Flavay® as much as doubles plasma antioxidant levels and activities of vitamins C and E and A, and catalase, superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione (GPx). (33,64,64,71,361,371)

For good cardiovascular and brain health, our body needs to maintain the right balance of nitric oxide—and that's what Flavay® effectively does. (10,239,265,292,296)

Flavay improves endothelial function and nitric oxide levels in endothelial cells and platelets. Blood flow increases, muscles surrounding vessels relax (vessel dilate), platelets relax (unsticky)

Both in vivo and clinical studies demonstrate that taking Flavay® stimulates the enzyme nitric oxide synthase to produce nitric oxide in the endothelial cells of vessel linings. (53,261,265,302,343,344,361,362,419,421,436,437,438)

Studies show Flavay® improves endothelial function so nitric oxide levels are restored, muscles surrounding vessels relax and blood flow increases. (239,265,286,287,292,296)

Endothelial Function = Blood Flow

Flavay® Increases Blood Flow in Clinical Trials

In clinical trials, Flavay® improved circulation, lessened impaired venous backflow, sealed leaky capillaries and prevented outflow of blood or liquid. (44-48,249,250)

Flavay® increase capillary resistance, decreased capillary permeability, and increased rate of lymph flow. (47,48,82,205)

Flavay clinical trial of persons with serious venous problems shows 96% experienced improvement in circulation. 41% very good improvement, 28% good improvement, 27% improvement.

(Above:) 75 out of 78 (96%) subjects with serious circulation problems found very good improvement in taking Flavay®. (44)

Both human and scientific studies show Flavay® induces vasorelaxation and vasodilation by nitric oxide formation in endothelial cells by endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS). (53,265,261,302,314,343,344,361,362,418,419,420)

Studies show Flavay® improves vasodilation and mildly inhibits angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) by modulating nitric oxide metabolism in endothelial cells. (292,296)

Studies show Flavay® maintains optimal nitric oxide levels, it both stimulates normal synthesis of nitric oxide and inhibits overproduction of nitric oxide. Flavay® significantly suppresses inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) gene expression and NO production in endothelial cells, thereby directly protecting vascular walls against damage. (53,265,302,343,344,361,362,414)

Study shows Flavay® improves endothelial progenitor cells viability and function, while preventing endothelial dysfunction. (421)

Flavay® possesses endothelium-dependent-relaxing (EDR) activity in blood vessels by increasing nitric oxide production and stimulates vascular endothelial growth factor, a signaling factor involved in initiation of wound healing. (53,265,274)

Flavay® promotes nitric oxide production by vascular endothelium, inhibits the synthesis of thromboxane in platelets and leukotriene in neutrophils, modulates the synthesis and secretion of lipoproteins, arrests tumor growth, and inhibits carcinogenesis in different models. (10,265,302,306)

Nitric oxide stimulates collagen synthesis and subsequent healing at wound sites. (312,313)

In addition, the induction of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a crucial step in the reepithelialization phase of skin repair. (314,315)

Flavay® is shown to stimulate the expression of VEGF in cultured keratinocytes, showing Flavay® supports wound healing. (316,317)

Experiments show Flavay® relaxes sympathomimetic-induced contractions in a concentration-dependent manner. Flavay® also increases nitric oxide (NO) levels, counteracting the vasoconstrictor effects of sympathomimetics. (10,265)

In endothelial cells challenged with reactive nitrogen species, Flavay® protected against vitamin E depletion, potentially protecting vascular endothelium from oxidative stress from reactive nitrogen species such as nitric oxide. (261,301)

Study comparing activity and synthesis of superoxide dismutase (Cu/Zu-SOD) and nitric oxide in the diabetic and non-diabetic cerebellum and cerebral cortex shows: Diabetes significantly decreases synthesis and activity of Cu/Zu-SOD and Flavay® significantly increases synthesis of Cu/Zu-SOD. Diabetes reduces synthesis of nitric oxide and Flavay® elevates levels back to normal. (372)

Study shows daily supplementation of Flavay® improves vascular endothelial dysfunction associated to diabetes mellitus. Flavay® is shown to significantly improve vasodilation and to preserve norepinephrine-induced contractions. (424)

Studies show Flavay® improves endothelial dysfunction, nitric oxide synthesis and antioxidant levels. (10,53,261,265,302,306,315,372,414)

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